Automatically turn property browsers into buyers

rebrix makes your sales and marketing teams more efficient

What if your marketing team generated more sales leads without increasing spend, and your sales team had the time to focus on the important conversations? rebrix frees up your sales and marketing teams, and helps them improve performance

Increase Your Leads & Reduce The Cost

Convert more potential customers into buyers by automatically engaging them when they're on your website, and when they're offline Read More

Convert Your Leads To Buyers Faster

Move your customers along the buying process at the speed of light by automatically engaging them through email, sms and facebook Read More

Absolute Control Over Your Leads

Monitor, engage and report on all of your sales leads in one place, with a powerful but simple interface on desktop or mobile Read More

Machine Learning Powered Marketing and Sales Automation

What Is rebrix?

rebrix is an always on, data-enriched sales agent that takes on critical tasks from your sales and marketing teams. rebrix exists on your website, mobile site, Instagram and Facebook accounts. It measures what your potential buyers do and engages them through chat, email, notifications and SMS. It responds to buyers questions, shows them properties, arranges viewings and much more.

rebrix automatically warms up your leads. It engages buyers when they're away from your website, answering questions and moving buyers forwards in the sales cycle.

Your highest-performing sales-person is now a machine.
rebrix - Machine Learning Powered Sales Engagement

All Your Sales Leads: Managed and Nurtured Automatically

  • rebrix is your system of record for sales leads: review and manage them in a single easy-to-use platform
  • Quickly email, call or SMS message each lead with a single click
  • Get insightful heat-scores for each lead based on their actions. rebrix can see when users visit a web-page, download brochures or floorplans, click links and fill-in forms
  • Empower your sales team with deep data on each lead, so they can have more informed conversations
  • Easily see your unhappy leads: when a customer has a missed appointment or contact

Ensure that every sales lead gets a great experience

Stop valuable leads from slipping through the cracks or going cold. rebrix alerts you to dropped leads, and keeps your current leads warm. rebrix takes on your lead management, checking in with leads to ensure that your team has delivered what's needed and alerting you when potential buyers are unhappy. It's automated systems help keep leads warm by engaging with them pre and post sale.
Keep property leads warm and engaged
Property CRM platform

Built for Property Companies

Forget about archaic sales management platforms or marketing CRMs that were built to cater for any industry. rebrix has been built around the needs of property companies, with unique features that make your life easier. Our integration experts do all the heavy lifting, so rebrix is ready for you to use with minimal effort. You'll get access to all the features that you need to empower your sales and marketing teams without weeks or months of setup.

Your 24/7 Sales Agent

  • rebrix doesn't have office hours. It engages and responds 24/7
  • Answers customers questions about the buying process, your homes, the building and area
  • It automatically follows up with customers, checking in to make sure that viewings have taken place, and re-engaging cold leads
  • rebrix helps customers find the right property for them. It sets up viewings and arranges contacts, without long forms
  • Difficult subjects (like HTB) are explained in a conversational way
rebrix interactive agent
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Engage with every sale, using Machine Learning

You can't be in the office twenty four hours a day but your customers are browsing out-of-hours. Don't make them wait days for a response, engage them when they're in-play. Your customers want a response quickly so they can shortlist you. rebrix talks to customers through it's interactive chat facility so they get answers within seconds. It even answers questions in Facebook and Instagram. Great sales people are pro-active, and rebrix engages with your customers as they browse your website, guiding them towards the right decision.
Machine-learning driven customer engagement
Chatbot and interactive agent for property

rebrix knows everything about your homes, building and the area

The average buyer asks seven different questions before they see your home as a serious consideration: from move-in dates to the facilities, the appliances in the home to where they can walk their dog. rebrix answers them all. Using a combination of scheme, building and home data, mapping and geolocation data along with third party data, rebrix delivers the most accurate response for every question a buyer has. For customers that means no more waiting on phone calls or emails, they can make a decision in minutes.

Get rid of painful enquiry forms

Consumers hate filling in forms. rebrix asks for information in a conversational manner. No more forms means a higher lead volume. rebrix asks for information in the same way a human being would, making entering information for enquiry or application processes easy. More potential customers will complete the process which means more leads for you and your sales team.

rebrix replaces the traditional enquiry form, so for new development or brand websites you'll save money on the build costs.
conversational data capture for property
Automatically engage property buyers

Automatically engage with potential buyers

rebrix understands the motivation for each potential buyer, and what stage they're at in the buying journey. It engages your customers based on what they're looking at online, and their historical behaviour. Like a great sales agent it knows how to turn an anonymous property browser into a lead.

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