Advanced Property CRM

A CRM built around the needs of property

CRM's and lead management platforms are built to cater for every industry and use-case. rebrix's CRM is a lead management platform specifically for the property sector, which means you get all the functionality that you need but without those additional features that you don't. rebrix makes managing your leads easy. Access and filter your leads quickly, then change their status and add notes with a single click. View deeper detail on each lead, including every interaction they have had with you and your website.

Accessing the rebrix CRM is easy on desktop or mobile, your team will be able to view leads, send messages and manage the sales process wherever they are.

Lead-scoring that's genuinely useful

rebrix captures deep engagement data for each lead, then uses this for advanced lead scoring. See which leads are luke warm, and which ones are hot. By capturing every engagement rebrix can help your team prioritise leads. rebrix captures events like brochure and specification downloads, conversations with the rebrix virtual agent, telephone number clicks as well as pageviews (even splitting these into different types of content).

rebrix can show you what actions the average lead takes before they become a lead, and post-lead it'll continue to track engagements and can show you when leads are going cold pre-signing.

Stop early-stage phone calls and emails

Your customers don't want to pick up the phone or send an email as part of the decision making process. Your customers will be looking to filter your property in or out based on answers to their questions. Often these questions appear insignificant but to the customer they're critical.

Let rebrix's virtual agent answer all their questions in microseconds, rather than a lead having to wait hours or days for a response.

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