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Why you need a Virtual Agent, not a Chatbot

The idea of being able to respond to customers queries with no human interaction is enticing for property companies. It reduces manpower costs and delights customers by giving them answers quickly. rebrix's Virtual Agent isn't a chatbot. It's a machine-learning driven conversational platform that uses a wealth of data on your developments, homes and the area around them to answer questions and engage users in a human-like manner.

Not only can it answer 184 (and counting) different types of question, it guides users through processes like setting up a viewing, or filtering home options. It removes the need for a potential customers to pick-up the phone, or fill in a complex form. It can even explain complex subjects in a human-like fashion, like Help To Buy, or the home-buying process.

How does rebrix know all the answers?

A great sales-person knows everything about a building, the area and the buying or renting process. rebrix replicates that knowledge through deep data. rebrix has access to all of the data that you have: unit and buiding data, floorplans, specifications, photos, availability and more. It takes data from your systems and uses that to form responses to customers questions. There's no more "Let me get back to you on that". rebrix accesses that data in microseconds.

Potential customers want to know more about the area that they live in: Where's the nearest transport? What shops are nearby? Where can I walk my dog? rebrix answers all their questions about the area around your properties, and the area beyond that, by combining location and mapping data to give insightful, human-like answers.

Do people really want to speak to a virtual agent?

We live our lives on our phones, not on the phone. Customers want to engage with property companies the way they do with other brands: by typing not by speaking. Customers love the speed of a virtual agent. There's no waiting hours or days for a response, it's delivered in microseconds. There's no fear of speaking to a "sales person", feeling awkward about talking about money or asking "stupid" questions.

The fast-paced lives of your customers mean that waiting for a response is a negative experience. Making a call, leaving a message, waiting for a call back, kill user happiness. Give your customers what they want: quick answers to their important questions, and fast viewing and filtering processes.

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