Increase Your Property Leads

Drive every lead towards becoming a conversion

Warming up leads is time consuming. rebrix's Marketing Automation platform automatically engages leads, both online and offline, to move them through the sales funnel. Property leads don't become sales unless you engage with them. The traditional way is to have a phone call or exchange emails. It's often led by the customer, and it takes time for your team to respond. rebrix changes the game by engaging customers automatically when they're on the website, and using workflows to engage them via email, sms or Facebook chat.

Customers questions are automatically answered via rebrix's virtual agent. Leads that are starting to cool down are automatically engaged via email. As customers engage with your website rebrix understands what stage in the buying journey they are at, and engages them with relevant questions and prompts.

Make your marketing and sales teams more efficient

rebrix takes tasks off your sales and marketing teams, releasing them to focus on what's important. Your teams tasklists are full. A lot of those tasks are mundane, automatable tasks that rebrix can take off them. It will reduce the number of early stage email and calls to your sales team, whilst also increasing the number of sales leads. rebrix's easy to use CRM will make it easy for your sales team to manage your leads.

Your marketing team will love rebrix's automated workflows and it's integration with Facebook and Google Analytics. Our automated, easy to use reporting will make their lives easier, and because we're focused solely on the property sector we have all the features they need.

Response times are everything

Your potential customers are time-poor and fickle. If they have to wait days for a response to a question, they'll forget about you. rebrix delights and amazes your customers, responding to questions in milliseconds not weeks or days. No matter what time of day a user has a question, rebrix's virtual agent will be there to answer it

Answering customers questions quickly allows them to filter you in, and stay loyal to you through the consideration process. That means more leads for the same marketing spend, and leads that stay warmer through the buying or renting process.

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