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  • Can I have dogs in the apartment?

  • How fast is the internet?

  • How far to nearest bus-stop?

  • Do you do help to buy?

  • Is there a residents lounge?

  • How much is service charge?

  • What schools are nearby?

  • What is the yield?

  • Is there 24hr security?

(Actual questions that our clients' customers ask rebrix)

Let your sales team focus on the critical questions

rebrix automates your marketing; the rebrix Virtual Agent automatically answers your customers questions, on your website, on Facebook and Instagram. Your sales teams' time is important. The rebrix Virtual Agent answers all the questions your customers have about your units, the building or scheme and the area around it. It uses advanced machine learning to interpret the users question, and draws data from your own systems as well as external data sources to give them the answer they need in microseconds, not hours.

Fast responses mean quicker closes

rebrix responds to customers questions in micro-seconds. There's no waiting around for a phone call to be answered, or an email to be returned. When your customers are active on your website they're in-market. If they have to send you an email, or think about making a phone call, then you'll lose their interest. Getting responses to your customers quickly increases the likelihood that they filter you in, and choose your property.

Your customers don't want to make a phone call

Every audience segment is comfortable transacting online; future-proof your business by building in the sales and support channels that your customers want. Completing transactions online is no longer the desire of a select few. The ease, accessibility and speed are why your target market wants to engage with you online. Sometimes customers don't want to speak to a "sales-person", sometimes they just don't have the time to call a number. More importantly, that phone call may not get answered if it's out of hours, or it's lunchtime, or your team are busy. Sometimes there are accessibility reasons why a phone call can't be made. Cater to what your market wants, not what you're used to.

rebrix does more than answer questions

rebrix is a marketing automation platform built for the property sector. It automatically engages customers, makes decisions based on data, and frees your sales and marketing teams to work on other things. rebrix knows your customers better than you do. It enages them automatically via email, chat and sms, with the right messaging at the right time. It handles everything from the customers first click on your website to the point at which you close them. And in-between, rebrix lets you manage leads and customers easily with a CRM built for the property sector.

We know how important reporting is to you, so rebrix has beautiful, engaging reports that give you powerful insight on your customers. Want to know how many times a customer visits your website before they become a lead? Or the average number of units or properties that customers look at before they convert? rebrix shows you this, and much more.

Be the first to use rebrix

Automate your marketing & comms
Re-engage customers automatically
Automatically check-in on leads
Built for property companies
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