Property Marketing Automation

Automate your property marketing

Marketing and Sales teams carry out a lot of important, manual tasks. That's not an optimal use of their time, and critical jobs can be delayed or even missed by a busy team. From sending marketing emails, producing reports, updating information and checking in with pre-and-post sale leads, your teams are always stretched. Marketing Automation takes those tasks and automates them.

Emails, messages, reports and information updates all happen automatically, meaning that the work gets carried out to a high-standard, at the time that it's neededed.

Automation means Next Level Marketing

rebrix takes over the process of managing, nurturing and checking in on your leads. It's the always on, high-performing sales and marketing functionality that you've always wanted. Every sales lead is at a different stage - from those in the early research stages to those that have requested a viewing or brochure. rebrix understands the stages each customer is at, it evaluates if they're warm or going cold, and it engages these individuals through chat, email and sms. It does all of this using your branding and tone of voice, and automatically.

Finally, a platform that's built for property

rebrix has been built for the property industry. From residential, to PBSA, buy to let and estate agents, our platform has the features that property companies need (and none of the confusing features that you don't) CRM and Lead Management platforms are built to cater for every sector, rebrix is build just for the property industry. That means the features and technology are hyper-focused on the needs of your company and team.

Our platform delights and amazes the sales and marketing teams, and their stakeholders. It makes their lives easier, gives more accurate reporting, and goes far beyond the platforms that they currently use

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