Convert Your Leads To Buyers Faster

Response times are everything

Your potential customers are time-poor and fickle. If they have to wait days for a response to a question, they'll forget about you. rebrix delights and amazes your customers, responding to questions in milliseconds not weeks or days. No matter what time of day a user has a question, rebrix's virtual agent will be there to answer it.

Answering customers questions quickly allows them to filter you in, and stay loyal to you through the consideration process. That means more leads for the same marketing spend, and leads that stay warmer through the buying or renting process.

No more sales-team lag

Your sales team are busy. Sometimes leads get forgotten about, and some leads are filtered out for being "too low quality". rebrix doesn't forget about leads, nor does it discriminate. Every lead gets the same experience: questions answered within microseconds, emails and sms sent at exactly the right time.

rebrix's build-in marketing automation means that every customer gets the best experience. That's why we see it as your always-on, highest performing sales agent.

Stop early-stage phone calls and emails

Your customers don't want to pick up the phone or send an email as part of the decision making process. Your customers will be looking to filter your property in or out based on answers to their questions. Often these questions appear insignificant but to the customer they're critical.

Let rebrix's virtual agent answer all their questions in microseconds, rather than a lead having to wait hours or days for a response.

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